Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Machines That Make Us Go

The last part of the video was from my brief stint in the hospital yesterday. Now I am all patched up(ish) and ready to get back to work!

From my computer anyway.

The iphone videos keep coming...and will continue to do so. Keep on keepin on!



  1. what were you in the hospital for??

  2. Minor knee surgery, it totally wasnt that bad just super random. Anyway, I thought the morphine drip was pretty so I wanted to film it, also the whole experience was so ridiculous I had to document.

    Often I have random footage so I threw the other stuff I had at the beginning, the only person I ever used to film was Georg for some reason.

  3. your thumb rules my world. Hope you had a nice person beside you not some vomity mess like I had once :s (not that i really cared...)

  4. oh god! Shitty Vomity mess sounds pretty awful. I had a lot of hot mandoctors that got a view of my hospital gown backside. I am sure they were super turned on by both that and my godzilla grossout knee

  5. bahahahahaha. I have wandered what doctors think of you when looking at your insides. In reality they probably think nothing really but i like to pretend that I have really interesting guts. Because I do.