Monday, March 28, 2011

The last of these photos

I started blogging as a "youngster" on livejournal when blogging first started. I remember looking up html codes for posting hyperlinks, photos, hiding parts of your entires etc etc. These days its all there for you, I like that, I change with the times.

I must note that the thought of not writing personal things on my blog is difficult for me.

What can I blogs are a collection of bits and pieces of my life, mainly my own photographs if not entirely my own photographs. They are personal...they are a documentation of things and people that come in and out of my life. If we know each other in real life, I have most likely asked to photograph you or video you. I have most likely touched your face or your hair, I have most likely been extremely shy with you at first and then barraged you with a camera at some point. I find it difficult to photograph people without touching them in some way..even if it is slight on the hand. I am aware there is a creep factor here but I am going to be bold and say...I pretty much creep out no one.

The instantaneous regurgitation of information isn't me, I do it but I tend to gravitate towards making my own images/information.

As Cara said to me in an email is the writing of light.

I am no photographer but this is my story.

because I like exposure


this picture has happened so many times

water water water


  1. love your blog. it makes me feel at ease

  2. is that the same top i saw? looks a lot cleaner ;) i love your blog wray. and i love you, lets go out some time!

  3. gorge as ever, so light and lovely. You have deliciously dark as non creepy way as is possible...:)

  4. nice xx :))

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  5. ohhhhh i love these photos, you're clearly more of a photographer than you think <3 also i really love your writing and as a fellow LJ graduate i know exactly what you mean about feeling weird about having a censored blog, how i miss the days of friends only entries!

  6. love these photos, for some reason I have an obsession with hand washing clothing <3

    xoxo | Lauren from Adored Vintage