Thursday, September 2, 2010


As usual lots of pictures exist in my apartment Babeisland where Kate and I reside. I tend to not leave it sometimes. We recently had a meeting of the livejournal friends. Gretchen came to New York City and she was more than I had ever imagined. For those of you who don't know I am a livejournal nerd, I started off blogging when that was the only blog to exist on the internet. Yearsss later I actually hang out with these people in person which is kinda nutty but great.

Gretchen is and Kate is

En-Anatomie is how I first came to know kate, one of her many livejournal profiles as she is known for also have one of many flickers as well. You might say that I have now met all of the people I have wanted to meet, staring at their pictures, head cocked and desiring a meeting at 19 years old.

this is what happened when we met....

bed dancing

boo boo

Do I hang out with babes 24/7 or what?

I guess thats why they call this place babeisland.

Needless to say, I have a trip to Ohio in my future!



  1. Blurry babes.

    I miss my livejournal, years ago I deleted it because I thought it was embarrassing but now I realize thats whats so fun about it...looking back and laughing at yourself!

  2. I still have mine! oh man! Were we friends on it?

  3. Ah lj! i still love it. i wish i could meet some of my lj friends in person. so neat!

    we're friends on lj too by the way. that's how I discovered your blogger.

    (lj name: emma_x_o_x)